Episode 6: Harriet Schock (being rescheduled)


Tracy Newman’s Artist’s Entrance series continues with its sixth episode:  an interview featuring national recording artist and award-winning singer/songwriter Harriet Schock  Photo of Harriet Schockon Thurs., Nov. 13th, 8 PM at The Talking Stick  (1411 Lincoln Blvd, Venice, CA 90291.) Tracy and her band, the Reinforcements (John Cartwright, Paula Fong, Doug Knoll and Gene Lippmann,) will also perform.  Tickets are $10 at the door.  No reservations required.  The Stick offers coffee, tea and other non-alcoholic beverages as well as vegetarian fare. Ample free parking. Harriet wrote Helen Reddy’s big hit, “That Ain’t No Way to Treat a Lady. “   Also, check out this page on Harriet’s  website: http://www.harrietschock.com/write/write1.htm .  Harriet makes a living as a songwriter.  Tracy’s going to find out how.




Click here for more info and to see a map to the venue.

Episode 5: Robert Morgan Fisher

September 11, 2014, The Talking Stick

Tracy Newman’s Artist’s Entrance series continues with its fifth episode:  an interview with singer/songwriter Robert Morgan Fisher. Tracy is backed up by her band, The Reinforcements (John Cartwright, Paula Fong, Doug Knoll, Gene Lippmann, with Eric Estes and Melissa Thatcher) . Videos by Ron Sarfaty.


photo of Robert Morgan Fisher playing acoustic guitar
Robert Morgan Fisher
Robert Morgan Fisher’s most recent album, NOTES FOR A NOVEL (2012) rose to the top of the folk charts and remained there for almost two years. His song, “Don’t You Wanna Go to Mars?” was named Hollywood Music in Media Folk Song of the Year for 2012 and is currently winging its way to the red planet on board the Maven Rocket. JPL uses the song to wake the Mars Rover. Two of his songs, “Jester King” and “We’ll Buy a Flag,” went to #1 on the Neil Young Living with War Songs of Our Times Chart. A self-described Narrative Engineer, his short fiction has appeared in 0-Dark-Thirty, The Huffington Post, Psychopomp, Golden Walkman Magazine, The Spry Literary Journal, 34th Parallel, Carnival, The Snake Nation Review, The Seattle Review, Spindrift, Bluerailroad and other publications. He’s also written for TV, radio and film. Robert holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Antioch University and teaches in their online program. He often writes companion songs to his short stories. Both his music and fiction have won many awards. Robert also voices audiobooks. (www.robertmorganfisher.com)


Episode 4: Beth Fitchet Wood

Photo of Beth Fitchet Wood
Beth Fitchet Wood

The fourth installment of my “Artist’s Entrance” interview series features singer/songwriter Beth Fitchet Wood.  Beth is a singer, guitarist, composer and producer. Her main influences are in the folk, pop, musical theatre, jazz and rock ‘n’ roll genres. She was in the Southern California band “Honk” in the early seventies, who released three albums and toured nationally with Loggins and Messina, Chicago, and the Beach Boys. After Honk, Beth played in just about every conceivable musical format, in most kinds of venues. She also toured the world as a background vocalist and assistant producer. Beth hosts her own music series, “Songwriter’s Showcase” in Laguna Beach.







illustration of lighted sign that reads playback





Videos by Ron Sarfaty



“Night Blooming Jasmine”


“Peace in the Valley”


“Crooked Smile”


“Red Red Sky”


“All the Days of My Life”


“The Top”


“Opening Farewell”


“There Comes A Time”


“Don’t Let Time Catch Me”


“I Know”


“Goodbye Aloha”


“Rust Belt Comet”


More Tracy Newman Vimeo

Episode 3: Marty Axelrod

illustration of lighted sign that reads playback





Videos by Ron Sarfaty



“Right There” by Marty Axelrod


“Earth” by Marty Axelrod


“Fire Up the Weed” by Tracy Newman


“If I Ever” by Marty Axelrod


“What Jews Can Do” – by Marty Axelrod


“Table 9” by Tracy Newman


“The Night I Met George Jones” by Marty Axelrod


“9 Cats” by Marty Axelrod


“Monsters” by Marty Axelrod


“I Just See You” by Tracy Newman


“26 or 27” by Marty Axelrod


“Laraine” by Tracy Newman


“My Brother” by Marty Axelrod


“I Made Fire” by Marty Axelrod


“Dog” by Marty Axelrod


“The Next Song” by Marty Axelrod

Episode 2: Shaun Cromwell

Tracy Newman’s Artist’s Entrance series continues with its second episode, this time featuring my good friend, singer-songwriter-musician extraordinaire, Shaun Cromwell. Episode 2 was recorded at The Talking Stick in Venice California on Thursday, March 13th. I am backed up by my band, The Reinforcements (John Cartwright, Paula Fong, Doug Knoll, Gene Lippmann). Videos by Ron Sarfaty.




photo of Shaun Cromwell on stage playing acoustic guitar
Shaun Cromwell

Shaun is a triple whammy – he’s the best guitar player I personally know, a great singer and a great writer.  Of course, it’s my own opinion, and maybe I’m biased since I’ve done so many shows with him and seen him so many times, but I defy anyone to prove me wrong.

Poster for Artist's Entrance featuring Shaun Cromwell







Episode 1: Richard Goldman

photo of Richard Goldman with guitar circa 2012Richard Goldman has been my friend since the 1970s, and he seemed like the perfect first guest. He even came up with the name of the show for me!  I admire his songwriting and have had the pleasure of writing a few songs with him. He’s also a copywriter. A lot of movie and TV posters out there have his tag-lines. You can see some of them here. I’m in awe of the mind that comes up with stuff like that.


In the following video segments, I interview Richard and he sings, with me, alone, or with his beautiful wife, Christie Mellor. You’ll see a bit of my band, The Reinforcements, too. I’ve been wanting to do this for some time, and 2014 seemed like the right year. Enjoy!



Click images below to purchase Richard’s CDs,

Girls N’ Cows and Dreadful Sorrow:


illustrated and photographic CD cover for Richard Goldman Girls N Cows


CD cover art for Dreadful Sorrow by Richard Goldman