Episode 1: Richard Goldman

photo of Richard Goldman with guitar circa 2012Richard Goldman has been my friend since the 1970s, and he seemed like the perfect first guest. He even came up with the name of the show for me!  I admire his songwriting and have had the pleasure of writing a few songs with him. He’s also a copywriter. A lot of movie and TV posters out there have his tag-lines. You can see some of them here. I’m in awe of the mind that comes up with stuff like that.


In the following video segments, I interview Richard and he sings, with me, alone, or with his beautiful wife, Christie Mellor. You’ll see a bit of my band, The Reinforcements, too. I’ve been wanting to do this for some time, and 2014 seemed like the right year. Enjoy!



Click images below to purchase Richard’s CDs,

Girls N’ Cows and Dreadful Sorrow:


Videos by Ron Sarfaty,
The Talking Stick, Venice, CA
Jan 9, 2014.


"Already Missing You"


"No Collarbone"


"That's What Love Can Do to Your Heart"


"Good Years"


"From Me to You”" (Talking about Beatles)


"Sink or Swim"