Episode 2: Shaun Cromwell

Tracy Newman’s Artist’s Entrance series continues with its second episode, this time featuring my good friend, singer-songwriter-musician extraordinaire, Shaun Cromwell. Episode 2 was recorded at The Talking Stick in Venice California on Thursday, March 13th. I am backed up by my band, The Reinforcements (John Cartwright, Paula Fong, Doug Knoll, Gene Lippmann). Videos by Ron Sarfaty.




photo of Shaun Cromwell on stage playing acoustic guitar
Shaun Cromwell

Shaun is a triple whammy – he’s the best guitar player I personally know, a great singer and a great writer.  Of course, it’s my own opinion, and maybe I’m biased since I’ve done so many shows with him and seen him so many times, but I defy anyone to prove me wrong.

Poster for Artist's Entrance featuring Shaun Cromwell