Episode 4: Beth Fitchet Wood

Photo of Beth Fitchet Wood
Beth Fitchet Wood

The fourth installment of my “Artist’s Entrance” interview series features singer/songwriter Beth Fitchet Wood.  Beth is a singer, guitarist, composer and producer. Her main influences are in the folk, pop, musical theatre, jazz and rock ‘n’ roll genres. She was in the Southern California band “Honk” in the early seventies, who released three albums and toured nationally with Loggins and Messina, Chicago, and the Beach Boys. After Honk, Beth played in just about every conceivable musical format, in most kinds of venues. She also toured the world as a background vocalist and assistant producer. Beth hosts her own music series, “Songwriter’s Showcase” in Laguna Beach.







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Videos by Ron Sarfaty



“Night Blooming Jasmine”


“Peace in the Valley”


“Crooked Smile”


“Red Red Sky”


“All the Days of My Life”


“The Top”


“Opening Farewell”


“There Comes A Time”


“Don’t Let Time Catch Me”


“I Know”


“Goodbye Aloha”


“Rust Belt Comet”


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